The Well of Pain

Have you ever had a complete emotional unraveling due to a seemingly small event? Maybe someone cut you off in traffic and you were blinded with rage, a friend commented on your weight and you had a meltdown, or you didn’t get the job you interviewed for and descended into a week-long depression. Did the intensity of your emotional response catch you off guard? Did you ask yourself, what is this really about? You may have tapped into a well of pain and hurt that has been collecting water for years.

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The Girl Next Door

If you met me today, you might think that I am the “girl next door” type. You might think I grew up in a loving home and that my parents raised me to be that cute, personable, successful woman you see in the photo. You might assume I have an education from a school like Vanderbilt or that I pledged in a sorority. Heck, you might think I have a picture-perfect marriage and angels for children. Well let me tell you, this “girl next door” persona I exude couldn’t be further from the truth. One of my closest friend’s says, “Jennifer, you are a good ol’ redneck and you hide it really well.” And I have to agree with her.

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