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Dry January

The start of a New Year always seems like a good time to re-evaluate how we are living and have renewed energy to really pay attention to our health. For the past couple of years, for me, this has looked like giving up alcohol for the month of January. I find that over the holidays my nightly glass of wine or 2 has increased … Read More Dry January

It’s About the Journey…

How many of us would be able to say our current circumstances in life are what we imagined they would be at this age or this season?  In my office these last few days, I have sat with several women who have said some version of “this is not how I thought my life would turn out”.  Women who are grieving (or not) the … Read More It’s About the Journey…

Helluva Year

Well, it has been over a year since I have posted a blog. It seems flaky on my part- or at least I think so. Don’t think I haven’t thought about writing on countless days, or said out loud to myself and those around me – I need to write a blog post. But the truth is, I wasn’t ready until now to put … Read More Helluva Year