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Big ‘T’ and Little ‘t’ Trauma

So far in my private practice of six years, I have yet to find a person who has never experienced hurt. I’ve found no people who have escaped the effects of trauma. But for some reason, I still meet people who deny the pain of their childhoods. If I had a dime for every time a client has sat on my couch and said their childhood was great and their parents were … Read More Big ‘T’ and Little ‘t’ Trauma

The Girl Next Door

If you met me today, you might think that I am the “girl next door” type. You might think I grew up in a loving home and that my parents raised me to be that cute, personable, successful woman you see in the photo. You might assume I have an education from a school like Vanderbilt or that I pledged in a sorority. Heck, you might think I have a picture-perfect marriage and angels … Read More The Girl Next Door