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It’s Mental Awareness Month!

I was honored to have a chat with one of my clients about the stigmas associated with mental health. Enjoy!


What Was I Thinking???

Send Help Now! All those “peaceful” and “encouraging” posts I wrote last week (words others used to describe my blogs)…I take them back. I was wrong! There is no hope! I am going down in flames! Help me before I die or kill someone! Send wine please! What has changed, you might ask? My bundle of joy, my 11 year old Jack came home … Read More What Was I Thinking???


Big Thoughts for a Big Week

We are 5 days max into this new way of life. Five days. It’s an odd time. I’ve been in my office this week with clients for the first time since this world changed alongside the new realities of coronavirus. Realities like – schools closed, people working from home, restaurants limited to take-out, bars empty, weddings and funerals postponed, sheltering in place, spring sports … Read More Big Thoughts for a Big Week